Feb 26 AMIFE Rare Diseases Conference 2020

We attended the Conference on Rare Diseases and the impact that discoveries of new genetic variants have on the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, organized by AMIFE and the Carlos III Health Institute.

It was an interesting event in which the diagnosis and treatment of Rare Diseases was exposed. Obtaining a diagnosis can be the first step in establishing an appropriate treatment, but in the case of these types of diseases it can take years until they found, and sometimes it does not even occur. This can be very discouraging both for patients and their families, as well as for healthcare professionals who struggle daily with a lack of resources and time. On the other hand, the scientific community and patient associations support each other to overcome these challenges, promoting research and sharing the information available to them. Furthermore, the development of new therapies by Biotechs and Pharmaceutical Laboratories offers new hope for patients.

This therapeutic area represents 10% of Alpha Bioresearch’s experience. Committed to therapeutic innovation and the quality of life of patients, we will continue to attend these kinds of training sessions to keep up to date on Rare Diseases, their treatment and diagnosis.

Our specially is develop clinical activities and bring our experience in your hands. If you are thinking of conducting a clinical trial or study, do not hesitate to

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