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Clinical trials

Alpha Bioresearch, CRO partner in the international project A-TANGO

A-TANGO is a 5-year Phase II clinical trial financed with 6 million euros from the European Horizon 2020 funds and involving more than 10 European international organisations, including Alpha Bioresearch.


10 countries


5 years


€6 million

This project will offer new hope to patients with cirrhosis by identifying a novel therapy that could result in a 20% improvement in the survival rate of patients with chronic liver failure, removing approximately 12,000 patients from the transplant list and saving up to 720 million euros.

Alpha Bioresearch has been chosen to lead this project as it is a CRO with vast experience in developing EU-funded international projects and a portfolio of comprehensive services suitable for studies of this size.

14 organisations form part of the A-Tango consortium:

Observational Studies

Largest study of Parkinson's disease ever carried out in Spain

COPPADIS (Cohort of Patients with Parkinson´s Disease in Spain), is an observational study that aims to uncover details regarding the evolution of Parkinson's among patients.


7 years


€2.5 million

The study will identify markers (whether clinical, genetic, molecular or neuroimaging) that help predict the development of a range of complications with the intention of being able, in the future, to identify these early and treat them appropriately, thereby improving the quality of life of patients.









RWE Studios

Daiichi Sankyo study to evaluate cholesterol management across Europe.

SANTORINI, an observational, multinational and prospective study sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo and coordinated in Spain and Portugal by Alpha Bioresearch.

This study will assess, in a real-world setting, the effectiveness of current treatment and management of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in over 8,000 patients with hypercholesterolemia and a high risk of cardiovascular events.

The study will recruit patients from approximately 800 health centres in 14 European countries.


14 countries


3 years





The study will provide important insights into how patients are currently treated and the effectiveness of these treatments, helping to detect opportunities to improve care in clinical practice and impact patients' lives.

Research Projects

National study for innovation in screening tests

This study will provide additional knowledge in order to develop a new algorithm for screening primary care patients.

Aims of the project
  • Increase the early detection of the disease
  • Determine the prevalence of the disease among the population
  • Improve prognoses
  • Reduce associated constraints
In 6 months of recruitment


+ 250



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